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There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.

Jesse Livermore

Trading Cashback and Comparison

What we do

We are a business devoted to lowering your cost of trading Spread Bets, Forex or CFDs. When you trade you pay your Spread Bet Broker a commission or 'Spread' which is your cost to make that trade. Spread Cashback will pay you up to 25% of this Spread back to you as CASH! You may be surprised just how much you could save on your trading costs!

How am I able to earn Cashback on Trading?

Like many other businesses, Spread Bet Brokers pay a finders-fee to people who market on their behalf. When you register for an account with a Broker through our site, Spread Cashback acts as that marketing agent. When you trade the Broker pays us a rebate and we pay you in the form of a Cashback payment. Its simple and can save significant amounts on your Spread Bet trading costs!

Who are Spread Cashback?

Spread Cashback are a UK company formed from highly experienced traders who are former employees of top London Brokerages. We believe that it has been far too difficult for Traders to access the best deals that Brokers offer.

Even obtaining quality information to enable a fair and informed comparison between Broker Accounts can be time consuming. We have formed Spread Cashback to provide the value and Broker information that Traders deserve! 

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