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How Referrals Work

How much can I earn?

For every trader that you introduce to Spread Cashback, you will earn 15% of what they earn as Cashback. This is known as a Tier 1 referral.

Furthermore if the person you introduced (person A) then introduces another person (person B), then we will pay you 3% of the Cashback that is paid to the person introduced by the person you introduced, person B. This is known as a Tier 2 referral.

Managing Referrals

We provide you with all the sophisticated tools required to manage your referrals. The Affiliate section, accessible onc logged in, will provide extensive details of your referred traders and your referred income. From here you can see who you have referred by their alias. You will also be able to review the historical income your referred traders have generated you. 


You have a friend Jack who you think will benefit from receiving Cashback on his trading. You introduce him to Spread Cashback and over the year he generates £5000 in Cashback paid to him. We then pay you £750 (15%) for introducing Jack to Spread Cashback.

Your friend Jack has a friend Jill who also trades, so Jack introduces Jill to Spread Cashback. Jill then generates £2000 in Cashback paid to her, and we pay you £60 (3%) as a rebate. We also pay Jack £300 (15%) as a rebate for introducing Jill to us.

How do I start Introducing my Friends or other Traders?

Step 1

First you must register for a Spread Cashback account.

Step 2

Log into your account and select 'Referrals', you will see a 'Referral Link', which is a web address to give to your friends or anyone else you wish to refer.

Step 3

When your friend clicks the referral link and registers with us they will be deemed to be one of your referred accounts. You will then earn an additional 15% of any Cashback they earn.





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