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There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.

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Spread Cashback is a website that pays you CASH when you trade financial products online. 

Simply sign-up to Spread Cashback, register your Broker account and continue trading normally. Then at the end of each month, we pay you a portion of your spread into your Spread Cashback account. You may then withdraw the cash and spend it however you like.

Like many other businesses, Spread Bet Brokers pay a finders-fee to people who introduce clients to them. When you register for an account with a Broker through our site, Spread Cashback acts as that introducer. When you trade the Broker pays us a rebate and we pay you in the form of a Cashback payment.

Please rest assured that you NEVER pay higher spreads, or suffer any loss of service levels as a result of using Spread Cashback!

Spread Cashback offers you the most competitive Cashback rates on the market today!

In addition, you benefit from our market leading comparison tool to help you find the best broker to suit your individual needs. The tool allows you to filter by your preferred criteria, and then directly compare selected brokers that meet those criteria.

Spread Cashback are unique because we show our members the 'net spread' on key products. This represents the 'true cost of trading' after Cashback has been earned, enabling you to quickly ascertain who really are the best value Brokers for you!

No. Our services are totally free of charge!

Just 'sign up' and start earning Cashback on your trading straight away! 

No you wont, Cashback is only available for Spread Cashback members. If you open an account directly with the broker, you will not be eligible for any cashback savings. 

Cashback rates vary per product and can be different for each Broker.

Ordinarily Cashback is paid on all products but it is advisable to check the Broker Description for a detailed breakdown.

A pip is primarily an FX term, and is the size of one incremental price movement of a product. 1 pip of EURUSD is 0.0001 movement of the price. Therefore the difference between 1.3255 and 1.3256 is deemed 1 pip. Pip factors can be different, e.g. 1 pip of USDJPY is 0.01 of the price.

A point is similar to a pip but is usually referred to when describing Index products. A point normally represents the size of one incremental unit of price quotation. i.e. FTSE 5600 / 5601 would be referred to as having a 1 point spread.

A round-turn is the name given to the completion of a trading transaction. If you open a trade and then close it, it is considered a round-turn transaction.

Many of the Cashback deals we offer are based on a round-turn transaction, therefore it is at the point of closing the trade that your Cashback becomes payable. The lot (or contract) sizes often vary between products, and sometimes between brokers for the same product. If you are unsure then please visit the 'market information' section on your Broker's website/platform.

We do not offer Demo accounts. Since transactions on a demo account are not real, there would be no financial savings to benefit from.

You may still be able to open a demo trading account with a Broker by visiting their site using the link on the details page for that Broker.


You can sign up to a Spread Cashback account here

Next you will need to register for a Broker account by clicking on the 'sign up' button alongside your preferred broker then following the instructions. 

Finally connect your new Broker account to your Spread Cashback account by entering the details into the 'Add a Broker Account' section of the login area. Once confirmed you are ready to start earning Cashback.

To register your Broker account with Spread Cashback you need to have successfully completed the Broker application process and been issued with an Account number or Username.

Brokers accounts can be registered with Spread Cashback by logging into our site, and entering your Broker account details in the 'Connect a Broker Account' section on the right hand side.

Once these are submitted we will verify the account details with the Broker and confirm your successful connection, ready for you to start earning Cashback.

Yes, it is very important if you want to be eligible to earn Cashback on that trading account!

In order to pay you Cashback, the Broker needs to be able to recognise that your account was referred by Spread Cashback. Unless this link can be established, the broker will not pay us a rebate and we will not be able to pay you Cashback. By registering for your trading account via our site, the Broker is better able to make this association, allowing us to start paying you your Cashback sooner.

This means that Spread Cashback is in the process of verifying that the trading account you registered with us is correctly setup for Cashback with the Broker. Until a Broker trading account is confirmed you will not be eligible to earn Cashback.

Yes, in some cases you can!

This option varies between Brokers however, therefore please contact us for more details. 

Yes, this may be possible. We regularly add new Brokers to our website, therefore please feel free to contact us with regards to your request, and we will do our best to make this possible for you.

Please note that to maintain standards and to offer you the best possible service, we are selective about the Brokers we work with. The decision to add a new broker is at our sole discretion, and we may decide not to work with certain Brokers if we believe that there is a possibility that our service to you would not be of the highest quality.

Earning Cashback

To start earning Cashback you must have your Broker Trading account successfully connected to your Spread Cashback account. Once connected you will start earning Cashback from the next trade you place.

The full registration and connection process is explained in more detail here

No. Your spread/commission will remain exactly the same as if you had registered with the Broker directly.

Yes. Unlike many of our competitors, Spread Cashback allow you to receive cashback from all your accounts when you hold more than one with the same Broker.

Simply add your additional trading account as though you were connecting a new Broker account. Once confirmed, it will be eligible to start earning you Cashback.

Yes you do. Cashback is calculated on the volume you trade and is not linked to the profitability of any trades or your trading account.

No, there is no minimum amount you must trade to qualify for Cashback. Even if you are a very small trader you can make substantially savings on your trading costs with Spread Cashback.


Cashback is calculated differently for each Broker. The Broker details page provides information on how much Cashback we pay you for a specific Broker.

Cashback is typically calculated monthly, and includes on all your trading activity between the start and end of the calendar month.

Cashback is normally credited to your account within 15 working days after the end of the relevant month. Therefore the Cashback for all your trades placed in March will be credited to your account in mid April.

Occasionally some Brokers take a little longer to conduct their calculations, this may result in a delay before the Cashback is credited to your account.


Simply log into your Spread Cashback account and choose the 'Payouts' option. You will be able to see your current Spread Cashback balance, and be able to enter the amount and method that you wish to be paid out.

We will then pay your Cashback to either your Bank, Skrill or PayPal account depending on which option you selected.

There is a minimum Payout of 20 €/£/$ using PayPal and Skrill. For a Payout to a Bank Account, its 25 GBP to a UK Bank, or 100 USD or EUR for non-UK bank accounts. If you wish to withdraw an amount less than the minimum then you must wait until your Cashback balance reaches the minimum level for your payment method before you can request a Payout.

Unfortunately we cannot pay your Cashback back into your trading account. This is because most Brokers do not accept payment to your Trading account from third parties due to Anti Money Laundering rules.

There is the option to receive your Cashback to your Bank, PayPal or Skrill account. You can choose your payment venues in the 'Payouts' section once you have logged into your Spread Cashback account.

Referring Friends

Yes you can, and it can be very lucrative. Each friend you introduce will earn you 10% of the trading Cashback that your friend is credited. You will even earn 5% of the trading Cashback for every person your friend introduces.

Our software tracks all the cashback payments, and automatically credits your account with any referred income you are due. Further details are available here

Yes you do. If you refer your friend John, and John refers Fred, then you will earn 5% of whatever Cashback Fred earns.

Whenever Cashback is credited to your referred accounts, your account will automatically be credited with your referral fee.

To refer a friend, your friend must open an account after clicking a referral link that you provide them. Once your friend clicks on the link and registers an account with us, we will handle the rest. The same link can be given to as many friends as you like.

The referral link can be found on the right hand side of the login area in a box titled 'Your Referral Link'

Once logged into your Spread Cashback account, the 'Affiliate' section will show you the income that each friend you have referred has earned you. You will also be able to see what referral income the friends of your friends has earned you.

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