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There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.

Jesse Livermore
Core Spreads
Up to 20.00%
  • No Current Bonus Offers


Forex = 20% of Gross Spread*

Indices = 20% of Gross Spread*

Commodities = 20% of Gross Spread*

Equities = 20% of Spread Commissions (charges added to underlying market spread)*


1) 50% Welcome Bonus in the first month. Core Spreads will pay you 50% of the spread in your first month of trading. Max bonus of £2500.

2) Loyalty Reward Scheme: Collect Core Points and receive a monthly rebate of up to 25% of your spread. 

Please visit the Corespreads website for more details and full T&Cs of any Bonus offers. Particularly note that MT4 accounts and Equity trades are not eligible.

​*If you participate in a Bonus scheme from Core Spreads (Welcome or Loyalty) that is based on a percentage of your Spread, then the Cashback provided by Spread Cashback will be reduced by the same percentage rate. Therefore if you conduct £1000 spread in a month and Core Spreads pay you a Loyalty Bonus of 10% (£100) for that month, the £200 Cashback you would normally receive from us will be reduced by 10% to £180 (£200 - 10%)
Note: Your first Cashback rebate will not be credited to your account until the end of the month which contains the last day that the Welcome Bonus is able to be claimed on. E.g. if you open an account on the 10th of August, then your first Cashback will not be credited until the end of September, as 1 month and 14 days after 10th of August lies in September. All following rebates will be calculated monthly.


At Core Spreads we're saying goodbye to complication and hello to simplicity. We've taken trading and distilled it down to everything you need and nothing you don't. The essentials done superbly as well as industry leading tight, fixed spreads, helping you to maximise your returns.

It’s simple, we don’t offer the unwanted, overly complicated trading tools that, let’s face it, no one really uses.
No nonsense. Zero distraction.
By streamlining our product our costs are lower and so are yours.

Permanently lower costs matter. Reducing your costs to trade increases the returns you could make. 
Think of it as minimalism for the markets. This is how trading should be.

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