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There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.

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Ayondo Markets
Up to 18.75%
  • No Current Bonus Offers


Forex = 22.50% of Net Spread

Indices = 22.50% of Net Spread

Commodities = 22.50% of Net Spread

Equities = 22.50% of Net Spread

*Note: Net Spread = Full Product Spread minus the Underlying Market Spread. 

*Cashback Example: Where EUR/USD spread is 3 points, and the underlying market spread is 0.5, clients will receive (3 - 0.5 pts * 22.50% = 0.5625 pts, or 18.75% gross spread).


Current Bonus:

1) Summer Bonus - Up to 25% deposit bonus up to the value of £25,000 - valid until 21/08/2017
Please see www.ayondo.com/en/offers/summer-bonus for full details and terms of offer 

2) Free subscription to Sentiment Trader for deposits over £/€/$ 5000
Please see www.ayondo.com/en/offers/sentiment-trader-offerfor full details and terms of offer

*Note: for full details and to register for the current bonus offer, please email info@ayondomarkets.com


Ayondo's Mission Statement:

Ayondo will revolutionise the retail trading and investment space. Ayondo will act with complete integrity and empower its clients by providing the most innovative, transparent and intuitive execution of financial products in the marketplace. Ayondo will create a level playing field by providing a one stop offering best possible service and unique tools to help its clients become happy and successful investors.


Ayondo is a unique, high quality financial services company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to investment and trading clients. Financial markets in the UK, across Europe and throughout the world are undergoing unprecedented levels of change and Ayondo is creating and acquiring hi-tech solutions to empower and satisfy the self-directed investment needs and wants of its clients. ayondo combines Next Generation Social Trading technology with the award winning trading platform, TradeHub® from Ayondo Markets (previously Gekko Global Markets) to create an entirely new investment experience.


Social Trading: Ayondo's Next Generation Social Trading technology gives you the ability to follow other successful traders, or start a Trading Career that will earn you additional income from traders who follow you.


Become Follower, and copy Ayondo’s Top Traders: Ayondo's following technology lets you follow and copy the actions of expert 'Top Traders' automatically. Advance tools are available to research the traders you wish to follow, and build your own unique portfolio of up to 5 Top Traders in just a few clicks.

Choose from over 1,000 traders the ones that best fit to your needs and add them to your portfolio. Filter the Rankings List according to your own criteria.

Filter the Rankings List according to profit, markets and time periods.

- See how valuable each trader's profile is through their awards.

- Show the Rankings List in two display modes.

- Performance, Risk and amount of followers always in view.

- Analyse historical capital development with charts.

- Follow traders directly from the Ranking List with just a few clicks.


Start a 'Trading Career': with Ayondo Social Trading you can become a 'Top Trader' yourself, and get paid on trades when others 'follow' you. In addition to the Cashback paid to you by SpreadCashback, Ayondo Markets will pay you between $1 - $5 per Lot depending on your 'Trading Career Level', for anyone who follows your trades on a real money account.

With ayondo you have a unique opportunity to start your career as a top Trader. Trade your way up through five career levels, until you reach the pinnacle of institutional traders


The traders with the best Risk/return profiles land in the highest career stages and earn the most. Use your chance!

- Trade through five career stages to reach institutional level.

- Enter your trades directly into the ayondo Trader.

- Or use the innovative ayondo markets platform for placing trades.

- Choose whether you trade with real or virtual money.

- You'll receive between 1 and 5 USD per LOT according to your career level.

- With an attractive Top Trader profile you’ll gain more attention from Followers and have the   chance to generate a higher share of revenues. The better you are, the more Followers you win, therefore the higher your LOT’s will be.

- You can easily calculate your monthly commissions on ayondo.


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